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At the Bar "One and One", every Monday at 7pm there is magic happening. At the lower level called the "Nexus lounge", Mike Geffner holds the "Inspired Word's Open Mic Joint", a performing open mic of great proportions. As...
Here is a little Sunday humor for you guys. You gotta love a great meme! This right here is as good an album cover as I've ever seen!
You know, normally I don't pay much mind to celebrity gossip like this, but this one caught my interest. I read a snippet of the story on WBLS and decided to read more on the story. My intentions were to...
So tonight I went to watch my friend's wife, Naomi Okai, perform with her jazz quartet. The group is very talented, and her voice is very beautiful. I enjoyed watching the show. The venue is on the 3rd floor of...
This is kind of dope! Check out this rendition of Linkin Park hit "In The End" sung by 180 movies which span generations. This is kind of dope! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98ikpBr9_nQ]



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