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Reviews, commentary, and rants on television and theater feature films.

A twitter discussion this morning has led to this quick poll. Who do you think did scary better, Freddy or Jason? Why? Our opinion, and some of yours will be discussed on the next AngelR Talk show! Friday morning...
I'm an Arnold fan. I have pretty much always been a fan of this man. Sure, he's had a few film flops, but which star hasn't? Honestly, I tried to watch Conan the Barbarian a few nights ago, and...
I've seen the preview in theaters for the upcoming CBS television series, Supergirl. It looks quite interesting to me, and it seems like the teams over at Berlanti Productions and Warner Brothers Television have really put in a lot...
Movies are amazing, they are a great pass time. I'm working on a review for you guys on Terminator Genisys. However, today I give you guys a video talking about 3 movies that will leave your brain all mushy...

Dawg Fight

I just watched this documentary on Netflix. I gotta tell you, it left me feeling really bummed out. The documentary follows this dude that I had never heard of until now, Dada 5000. To be completely honest with you, I...

Reading is fundamental

Book: Monster Hunter International

So recently I started reading some books on my kindle. The latest discovery that I have made is "Monster Hunter International." I haven't yet...



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One of the things that I despise in life is when someone whom I've shared years of my life with gets into a relationship,...