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In an effort to learn about how to make a marriage work, I've been doing some reading and research. Nothing wrong with expanding our knowledge in hopes of stacking the odds in our favor right? Improving your marriage is...
One of my poem/song lyrics says: They say we love our memories, because unlike people, our memories, they never change. Though in theory, memories never change, they do get clouded, warped, and in reality, we can change them in our minds....
Ever since I moved into this building, we have had trouble with the damn dryers in the laundry room. A quarter here, a quarter there, a dollar here, half and hour there. I ignored it and carried on, such...
I had just finished my workout at Bally's in 42nd street. It was a weekend and I was headed over to shower. That's when I saw these two guys having sex in the gym shower. As I passed by their...

Reading is fundamental

Book: Monster Hunter International

So recently I started reading some books on my kindle. The latest discovery that I have made is "Monster Hunter International." I haven't yet...



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One of the things that I despise in life is when someone whom I've shared years of my life with gets into a relationship,...