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This article will not teach you how to setup a one way sync of the notes on your iPhone to gmail. You can easily find those steps on your own using google. This is a piece to warn you about the potential...
Over the last week or so it appears that Facebook has gone through quite a few changes. We have the new and improved mobile app, but Facebook also went on a rampage deleting "cosplay" profiles. I am not clear if...
The Facebook has updated their iPhone app. According to reports the new version of the application will load news feeds and pictures up to 2 times faster than the current one. Due to technical reasons that I won't be...
A message came to me on my "arodomus" Facebook page. It was a compliment from a young man that is going through a rough time. He stated that the beauty and raw power of my poetry touched him.  He...
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Reading is fundamental

Book: Monster Hunter International

So recently I started reading some books on my kindle. The latest discovery that I have made is "Monster Hunter International." I haven't yet...



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