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I’m a fan of The Rock, I’ve said this before. I stopped watching wrestling before he came aboard, but I’ve known of him as a wrestler. Though I never really watched him in the WWE.

I’ve really come to know him based off of his films, and I find them rather entertaining. He’s sort of the current Arnold Schwarzenegger of this generation. Next thing you know, he’ll be running for Governor of a state.

Kevin Hart, most of us know. Be it from his stand up comedy, his large social media presence, or some of his films. He’s one of the funnier, more popular stand up comics of this era.

Putting these two together, seems like an odd combination, but it worked out really well. This film wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it was still very entertaining. I remember seeing the social media posts from The Rock and Kevin, when they’d film at the same time, and splice them together, that was pretty funny.

central intelligence

The film deals with the Rock, who happens to be a CIA agent, and Hart who is an accountant. He pulls him into a big conspiracy mess, and the hilarity ensues. Shooting, chases, explosions, counseling, all kinds of madness. The film is all over the place, and there are some loose ends, but it doesn’t take away from the movie.

Look, my site is not going to become a big movie site, or accredited, etc. I’ve looked at the ridiculous requirements to get some stupid accreditation from these big film sites, it’s not going to happen, and I don’t give a damn. As such I don’t have the time or interest to go in depth about reviewing films. But, I can tell you my opinion on whether it sucked or not, and this film did not suck. It’s not a film where I’d go to the theater on opening day for an Imax viewing, but it is a cool film to watch on the couch and have a good laugh with your family.

There was also a redemption of sorts, an anti bullying message. The Rock was bullied as a heavy set young man, and he grew up to become a beast.

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE (2016) (center l-r) KEVIN HART as Calvin and DWAYNE JOHNSON as Bob

That’s always pretty awesome to see, and though he chokes on occasion, he sorts it all out eventually, sort of. Watch the movie to understand what I mean.

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