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Checklist for Enchantment: Pre-Valentines Day Ideas (To Men from a Woman)


Checklist for Enchantment: Pre-Valentines Day Ideas (To Men from a Woman)

As women, we know you are all rugged and very clueless as far as what we like, want and would enjoy! Especially on a day like the big V-Day.

Women are complex and each one varies greatly in what she enjoys! However one worldwide fact about every woman is that she likes to be handled with a certain tenderness and sensual aggressiveness. In this article, I will break down how a special, delicious and passionate Valentine’s Day evening should go about.

You might want to prep up the environment, and I mean literally, Gentlemen.

  1. Clean-Up
    1. Clean up, dust off and do not go dumping dirty clothes in the closet; you are not low. Do your laundry. Women catch everything and dirty clothes and a smelly closet is not the recipe to a fun and sexy environment.
  1. Dinner Ideas
    1. Look up recipes or make sure you know what you want to make for your lady. You might want to stick to food with aphrodisiacs and foods that are low on protein, so you are not tired or slacking later. Stick to a small healthy portioned meal.
  1. Grocery Shopping
    1. Besides the dinner ingredients, be sure to add fruits. Know her favorite fruits and be sure to add some syrups and whipped cream to the list. Do not forget the champagne or wine. Leave the hard liquor for Boys night out. This night is all about being slightly sober and intertwined with your lady.
  1. Extra Shopping
    1. While you are out grocery shopping, get some rose petals (real or artificial) does not matter, and new scents for the house.
    2. One important thing is to make sure that you are properly groomed, shaved, and scented. Women are as visual as you are and nothing makes a woman more enticed than a man who is smooth and well-scented.
    3. Also, stock up on protection, like they say no glove, no love. Be safe not stupid.
  1. More Ideas for the Evening
    1. At home, be sure to have the house scented really well, cleaned and well stocked on food, drinks and water. It will surely be a long night.
    2. Massages, Rose Petaled Bubble Baths, and Hand-Fed Desserts
    3. Introduce Tantric Sex. Trust me if your lady is about the passionate, and the emotional synergy then this will allow you both to engage in a very heightened and sensitive area of lovemaking unlike ever before.


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