Chevy’s Fresh Mex

My little sister graduated from College this week, Congrats baby sister, I love you. So she’s a fan of Mexican food, and opted for Chevy’s Fresh Mex to celebrate.

It was an eventful day and we were looking to wind down with a few drinks and some lunch. As much as we all hate this area, we agreed to eat in Times Square at Chevys. I really think this may be my first time eating here, I honestly can’t remember.

In any case, we had some guac to start with. He made it on the spot for us, we asked that it be “smooth,” and I gotta tell you, this was some damn good guac, damn good.

I asked for a ginger ale, and received a coke. After speaking up on it, the gentleman brought me the proper drink, and when he tried to take the coke, my mom wasn’t having it. “I like this one, it’s on the house. I mean you gonna throw it away anyway, right?” He agreed.

As my main dish I went with a rice bowl, I thought it might be similar to Chipotle, but it wasn’t, not really. I had some chicken, rice with some queso on it, and some veggies. The dish wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t bad. It was a bit spicy and got my head nice and moist with sweat.

The atmosphere is the same as any of those large chain restaurants. The server was slightly odd, but very cool. He took care of our needs, and even let my sister charge her phone. That was quite nice of him.

Overall, this food is not really my speed, y’all know I eat clean, and when I don’t, I like to really make it worth it. This is another one of those places that if your sister wants to go after graduation, you just keep your mouth shut and go. Would I ever go here on my own, because I personally want to? Allow me to direct you to the second paragraph where I say, “this was probably my first time here, I honestly can’t remember.”

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