Chinese man sues wife because they had an ugly baby.

Say what? Yes, it’s exactly like the subject says. This man, if you can call him a “man”, divorced and sued his wife for $120,000 dollars because they had an “ugly” baby.  The man claims that the woman deceived him because she had done plastic surgery to change her appearance.  He said that her true appearance came forth in the baby, a baby that he said was so ugly that he didn’t even believe it was his!  Can you believe this piece of work?

More shocking is the fact that some court would order this woman to pay this man, Jian Feng a single cent based on this ridiculous premise. It takes two to tango right? She didn’t make the baby by herself, so if the baby is “ugly” according to his standards, that’s half his fault! Besides, like one of my buddies jokingly said “All babies are ugly when they are born”!

Seriously though, what happens when this baby girl learns about this? I am sure that the mother will do her best to shield her from it, but if she eventually learns about this, what kind of effect will this have on the little girl?  I only hope that she either never finds out, or if she does that she is able to handle it as gracefully as I would. Maybe go spit Jian Feng in the face on his deathbed, or something to that effect.  🙂

Jian Feng, you jerk, for this evil behavior, you get the NYCTalking fail of the day. Jerk.

I apologize to my NYCTalking readers, I appear to have taken this thing a bit personally and I have allowed my emotions to enter the post a little more than I should. But, whatever, he’s a jerk and we all know it. God bless that little girl.

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7 years ago

Wow Angel, You go!! No offense but you went after him like a pissed off mom would, its good to see a guy feeling that way about that. the man is obviously a toad, from the looks of her pic, he was hoping the baby would look like her, post surgery and when it didnt, he knew it looked like him. LOL. And, yes, all babies are ugly when born, well except mine, he was gorgeous. 🙂

7 years ago

This guy is a piece of garbage and a human with no morals or love. I hope that kid grows up to be super successful and tells him to get lost.