Cliff Keen Knee pads

I bought these knee pads like 13 years ago. I haven’t used them in a very long time. However, the fact that they still stay on, have their elasticity, don’t smell like a dead body, and are still stitched together should speak volumes as to the quality of this product.

I recently started up my BJJ training and dug these things up. Unlike my bike groin cup, these did not fall apart. The groin support is pretty much torn up and literally disintegrating. I had to buy another one. But this thing is still all good. I recently picked up a pair of Asics knee pads, and though they do the job, they are nowhere near as good as these are.

I’m definitely going to get myself another pair of these if they are still made. The design, volume, etc is made specifically for wrestlers and grapplers in other arts. They protect your knees without being too bulky. I totally forgot about these little nuances while searching for a new pair, but I won’t repeat that mistake.

If you need knee pads for BJJ or any grappling art, look into Cliff keen.

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