Real heroes: Colonel Allen West on gay basketball player.

Colonel West talks about the immense “bravery” required by basketball player Jason Collins to come out of the closet as a gay man. He compares this type of bravery and heroism to the efforts of amputee Sgt 1st Class Greg Robinson, 34, and his heroic completion of the rigorous Air Assault school.

Sgt 1st Class Robinson completed this training while wearing a prosthetic leg! You read that right, he lost one of his legs during one of his deployments in Afghanistan, you know, fighting for our country. As a platoon leader he did not feel it was right to command men that had to complete any type of training that he himself had not completed. So he went through the training as well, with one prosthetic leg.

Wait a second… There is a comparison? No, actually there is no comparison at all is there? This basketball player comes out as gay, all of a sudden people care who he is? Now they praise and adore him? Now he gets the front page magazine shots? He even gets a phone call from President Obama and moral support from former President Clinton? For coming out as gay?

In my opinion, if there was ever a time to come out as gay, this is it. Tell me what’s so brave about him admitting he’s gay, here, in this day and age? Until this coming out event, I bet very few people knew or cared who Jason Collins was (no offense buddy). But now he’s great for the big agenda.

I know that for some individuals there may be real serious challenges to coming out as gay.  A violent parent, homophobic neighbors, and so on. I even wrote about this recently on a piece I did on being gay and latino for Latino Rebels. But you know what I think about this dude? I think he wanted the publicity, I mean, who’s business is it what you do in the bedroom? I don’t care, why would anybody care, it’s not our concern. So this dude is an unknown basketball player, he wanted to do something to make himself standout and popular, you know to get media attention. So he comes out and says he’s gay. Looks like it worked. Had you heard of him before this? This is what I perceive him as doing. He’s riding the gay bandwagon for popularity. Using it to boast his career.

Meanwhile, do you think that any of these people that praise him for his bravery place any value on the efforts of Sgt 1st Class Robinson to protect our country and lead the younger soldiers? Hah, doubtful. Look, I have no problem with gays my friends, my problem is that the media, and politicians in power place such great value on something like what this guy did, while completely ignoring the efforts of men like Chris Kyle, and Sgt 1st Class Robinson. That’s bull crap.

Let’s hear what Colonel West has to say about this topic.

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