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Colorado demand for pot causes premium hike?


Colorado demand for pot causes premium hike?

Okay, so marijuana is now legal in Colorado. Big freaking deal! Why are all these people acting like this is the first time they can smoke weed? Have you seen how things are becoming over there now? You have these ridiculously long lines, and these insane price hikes because the demand for recreational marijuana is so high.

What a bunch of sheep these people are, so easily manipulated by the powers that be. It’s not like you weren’t already smoking pot!  You and I both know that you were already getting your hands on weed even when it was illegal! So why would you all of a sudden want so much? Why the increase in usage because it is now legal? This is a stupid rush, childish behavior, just like when that rare action figure comes out and everyone wants it.

All I have to say is this, remember that unlike cigarettes, marijuana actually impairs you ability to function. Legal or not, it is still a mood altering substance, just like alcohol. So I hope you people are not driving, or operating heavy machinery while legally smoking your ganja!

I wonder how this works with people who don’t want to get high via contact. Do the same rules apply as with cigarettes, where there are “no smoking” areas, etc? How is it actually working out on the ground over there? Can anyone share?



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