Colorado Batman Shooting.

Details as to a motive are still unclear on why a Colorado man opened fire on a theater filled with excited movie goers. No one was spared, not even a 3 month old baby was safe.  The man wore a gas mask and filled the place with smoke, explosives went off and then the man opened fire. He wore protective equipment, and apparently had even booby trapped his home.

This is a disgusting act of violence against innocent people that are simply trying to enjoy the summer premiere of a movie with their families. Unfortunately, the dark knight is not real, and many were killed or injured. It is unfortunate that unlike in yesterday’s post, there was no old man with a gun to save the innocent people.

Reports have been all over the news today on this story. 24 year old man, apparently smart, etc, but at the end of the day, the guy is a ruthless killer. I hope he gets what he truly deserves!