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Coming to Kew Gardens Corvina Peruvian Cuisine


Coming to Kew Gardens Corvina Peruvian Cuisine

As I was walking home from Dani’s Pizza shop with my son yesterday, we stumbled upon the former location of the burger joint “Flip Side.” As you can probably conclude from my saying “former,” Flip side is gone. It’s a shame, because I really enjoyed their burgers and milk shakes. It was a good place, but alas, the cycle of life forgives none.

So I am happy to present you guys with the newest addition to the Kew Gardens food scene, upcoming Peruvian themed restaurant Corvina. I look forward to trying this place out, hopefully the food lives up to the flashy cool sign that they put up. Also, the name sounds pretty awesome and reminds me of that film “Underworld,” wasn’t the father of those Vampires and Lycans called Corvinus or something?


Stay tuned for more information as we become aware of it.

Updates 4/17/17:

Corvina finally opened it’s doors. I went in and met the owner, Julio Luna and we spoke for a bit. I didn’t get to try the food because as of the time I went in, the credit card machines were not yet ready, and I didn’t have any cash on me (Post workout.)

The place is small, and it looks like they are geared towards take out and delivery as there were no real seating arrangements. I have taken screenshots of their menu, and will share them here for you.

In case you are wondering why such a long delay in opening, apparently the owner was being blocked by some red tape bureaucracy. It took a visit to Senator Peralta’s office, and then 10 days later he had his business permits all sorted out. Isn’t that something? Sometimes you gotta reach out to someone with the right influence to get things done. He said that he’d been paying all the bills, including rent, etc, all this time. Basically, burning money since he didn’t have his permits. That sucks.

In any case, here is the menu. I can’t review the food as of yet, but the people were nice.



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