Complimenting Women At Work

What is your take on complimenting women at work? Personally, I agree with the philosophy of an unnamed person who originally brought up the topic.

If a woman wears a nice dress > Say nothing.

If a woman gets a nice haircut > Say nothing.

If a woman loses weight > Say nothing.

If a woman is expecting > Say nothing.


Basically, when it comes to complimenting women at the workplace, that is a no go. Just don’t do it! Now, I haven’t always been wise when it came to this topic. When it comes to the matter of “not pooping where you sleep,” I missed that memo many times over! I was rolling in it! Feel me? But, I’ve grown and learned quite a bit since then, sort of, not really.

Now, when it comes to the office (at least), I just keep my freaking mouth shut. If asked a question along the lines of appearance, I say I’d rather not engage in that type of discussion at the workplace.

What are your thoughts?