Conquered the King, What’s Next?

As complicated as men think women are, women also feel the same way towards men. Men by instinct like to roam new lands and enjoy a good chase. After some time with your partner, things sometimes seem to go a bit south. It leaves one to wonder what will happen? And where things will go?

We are all humans and questioning is indeed in our nature. However, love and relationships are one of the most complex features of life. As much as it is complex, we are not created to live nor exist without some type of companionship.

So, here are two questions for you? Do you want to keep the spark of your bond alive? Are you wondering of ways to keep him on his toes?

Below are 4 pointers on how to keep the spark of love alive and keep him focused on you and ‘only’ you.

  1. Be Free and Adventurous
    1. Freedom in relationships is essential. Give him room to roam and be himself. As for you, free yourself! Dig deep within yourself and act out all of those desires and endeavors you have always dreamt of doing with your partner! Simply do them! Do not limit yourself. Men enjoy a woman who is willing to be just that, a woman; in every way! With that comes confidence, good self-esteem and a natural ability to just be yourself, in other words you are free. It will allow you to explore and be adventurous. This does not apply just to the bedroom, but throughout the relationship. For example, traveling, or doing other fun activities.
  1. Enchantment: Entice his Mind and Eyes
    1. We all know Men are visual creatures from birth. Men love to scour new territory like a Lion in a jungle. Enchantment is about confidence, gestures, and details. Men are also simple, but as women we try to put our best selves out into the world. In this case, you want to be sure to update your lingerie, your wardrobe, and even your look from time to time. The point is to make sure that you keep his mind wandering on what you did or wore the last time he saw you, and keep his eyes on you the entire time you are in each others space; most importantly when you are out socially. Ladies, its all about those little things that count, such as lipstick, a little glow on your face. – details, ladies not the obvious.
  1. Be Spontaneous
    1. As humans we love to be surprised with good news and good energy. There is something about the element of surprise that is truly enjoyable. But, curiosity and caution can make us anxious and impatient wanting to know who, what, and where. Spontaneity, for these purposes are based on simply ending up there. Let your plans be organically met. Spontaneity, is a special way of confirming effort and worth in the others life. Surprises do not hurt. Just do not hurt the man with anticipation by telling him a day before, however I’m sure he will appreciate the gesture.
  1. Be Rare
    1. Rarity is about being different, being unique. When you introduce a man to new places and new things. It says something about you especially if he is a social guru who knows the best hotspots. Not only will this moment be memorable, it will be one of a kind. Something special, you both will share and experience.

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6 years ago

My new article on NYCTalking take a peek. Conquered the King, What’s Next?

Denise Michél
6 years ago

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6 years ago

Conquered the King, What’s Next?

Emilia Dias Dias
6 years ago

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