Cop stands by while white man harasses Puerto Rican woman

Most of you have seen the video of an apparently drunk, older white male screaming on and harassing a woman because she was wearing a “Puerto Rico” shirt in the United States of America.

How many times am I gonna have to tell these stupid fucking idiots, Puerto Rico is a part of the United States of America? We are a commonwealth and are by birth United States Citizens. Wearing a Puerto Rico shirt is not an attack on the U.S, as it is part of the U.S, you stupid fucking idiots.

But let’s set aside that historic information and address the main problems here. The thing is, last I checked, she, you, I or any of us in the U.S.A can wear whatever the fuck shirt we want. If that is a flag of Puerto Rico, Japan, Mexico, Syria, whatever, you have no damn right to harass any of us. That’s first and foremost. It’s not an attack on America, and it’s none of your fucking business.

Second, let’s address that son of a bitch cop and the fact that he did nothing to aid this woman who was clearly in distress. She told the officer to get the man away from her because she felt unsafe. He did not even acknowledge her. Meanwhile this racist fuck continued to get in her face, harass her and this prick of a cop just stood there like the fucking bitch ass motherfucker that he is. What’s up with that?

Let’s explore further… The minute that one of the Latino men started to confront the racist old fuck, then the cop decides to say something. But while the white guy was verbally abusing the woman, he didn’t say anything.

You know that if that white guy were black or latino he would have been wrecked by that cop. If that latino man had touched the old white man, that cop would have wrecked him for it. Go ahead and deny it you stupid motherfuckers. Tell me how I’m being a race baiter. You willfully blind fucks!

The demographic in this country is shifting, things will one day change and you will no longer have all of the power. On that day, you fucks will be sorry for this kind of shit. Look at South Africa. I bet that those people never thought the tables would turn? I’m not advocating for violence or murder, but just look at the world around you. Not everyone is as keen on being as fair or reasonable as I am. If there was ever a time to get your shit together and do the right thing, now’s the time.

Answer this, why did the cop not take action? Cause he was waiting for backup? That never seems to stop them when its one of us, why did he not take action against this guy? Was the old man arrested or charged with anything?

So yeah, never mind the fact that Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. Never mind that she can wear whatever she wants to wear. Never mind that this old fuck was a damn racist. What I find most troublesome here is that this peace officer did not render assistance to a woman in need. Has anyone been able to get his badge number or any information? His actions were cowardly, irresponsible and allowed this man to continue harassing a young woman.

Fuck the racist white guy and fuck the incompetent cop.

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