Cornerstone Cafe NYC Anti Chinese Racist Employee

So an employee of Cornerstone Cafe NYC allegedly wrote an anti Chinese racist slur on a receipt. Some folks are calling for a boycott of the business, however, in fairness to the owners and the other staff, I’d say that we give them the opportunity to deal with this internally first.

We shouldn’t immediately punish these small businesses for the actions of an asshole employee. Give the owners a chance to rectify the situation and lets see if they take the required corrective action. Obviously, the only acceptable outcome to this situation would be an immediate termination of the offending employee.

Should Cornerstone fail to do the right thing in this scenario, then yes, boycott the fack out of them! Let’s send these ignorant people the very strong message that even though this may be “Trump’s America,” this is NYC and we ain’t having that crap here! By the way, we don’t know who Rubi is, or where she is from, and frankly, that is irrelevant. The behavior is unacceptable!

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Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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