Cosby sentenced to 3 to 5 years in prison

(Mark Makela/Pool Photo via AP)

Bill Cosby did some messed up stuff, and he’s being justly punished for it. Granted, in the grand scheme of things, and considering the severity of his crimes, this sentence is somewhat of a joke. But at least there is some justice for some of his victims.

He’s been given a 3 to 5 year sentence for his transgressions. The memes regarding the fact that he’s being locked up, while the likes of Harvey Weinstein are not have already begun circulating. Though I have no love or mercy for Cosby, it can’t be denied that while he’s being crucified (rightfully so) for his crimes, others are not.

I’m not making a case for forgiving him, or saying that he should get a pass or anything. I’m saying that the others who have committed heinous acts should be punished just as swiftly as Cosby was.

Cosby is going where he belongs, but I can’t help but wonder why he is being made an example of while others are not? We should punish them all!