Crazy woman wouldn’t let passenger off the train

Yesterday as I was on the way home from the gym, I noticed this rather odd looking lady. However, this being NYC, I didn’t pay her too much mind. It wasn’t until she got up and stood by the train doors that I actually took her in.

So she got up, put her arm up, and using her arm and body blocked the exit. A woman came over to exit, and she didn’t move. The woman said excuse me, but the crazy chick still didn’t move.

I noticed the other women looking a bit flustered, but rather than do what most of us New Yorkers would have done in this situation, she calmly walked away, and exited through another open door. Then she just walked away and didn’t even look in the direction of the weirdo.

I wondered what would have happened if the doors closed and she got stuck in the train cause of this idiot? I commend her for the patience and discipline. She didn’t look weak or like a pushover, it just seemed that she didn’t want to hurt this woman.

I think it goes without saying that most of us would have gone under her arm, or otherwise forced our way out. She made the space even smaller after the woman said excuse me. I don’t know what was up with this wack job.

To catch that train, I went down on the right side of a stairwell while a massive group was exiting on the left. Last time I waited for them to exit, I was stuck for a very long time, and the train left me. If you don’t force your way in, they will not let you come down. I decided that that would never happen to me again. Protocol dictates that you use the left to come up, and the right to go down. I get it, it’s a small stairwell, but why should I be the one who waits while you all exit? Follow the unwritten rules or get crushed cause I’m coming down whether or not you like it.

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