Credit card declined due to physical damage! What to do?

I was trying to make a purchase with my credit card today.  When it comes to day to day purchases I use either cash or credit card. I never like to use a debit or bank card. Years ago my account was hacked due to someone stealing the number in a store in Florida. Getting that money back was no easy matter.

In any case, my credit card purchase was declined. Hmm, that’s odd, my account is paid, and I just used it. So I called up the credit card company to address this issue, turns out that the problem is a damaged magnetic strip. In short, the card has to be replaced.  The lady on the line told me, just have the merchants manually enter the card number everytime you buy something.

After years in the game I have learned how to talk to credit card companies, and no way in hell that’s gonna fly. Manual entry? Noooo.. Check out our conversation:

Me: Mam, I don’t really think anyone wants to manually enter a credit card everytime they use it. I know I certainly don’t. The card is damage through normal wear and tear, can I please have a replacement?

CC: Hi mister Rodriguez, we understand that the declination of your card was embarrassing. Again, it happened because your card is very old and the magnetic strip is not working properly. Yes, we will honor your request and send you a new card, it takes 10-15 business days for the card to arrive, or if you are willing to pay $30 we can have it to you by Thursday.

Me: Can you repeat the cost for expedited service again please?

CC: Yes sir, the cost is $30 for 2 day delivery.

Me: $30? Really? No way! Okay, please send it to me regular mail, I don’t want to pay $30 for expedited service on a small piece of plastic, that’s crazy. I guess in the meantime I have no choice but to simply SHRED this card and start using a new credit card for my day to day purchases. I’ll break out my citicard or something, but I refuse to manually enter this card for the next two weeks and I certainly don’t want to eat a $30 fee, that’s crazy. Well, thanks for your help and time Mrs.

CC: One second Mr. Rodriguez, I see that you have been a loyal customer with us since 2005 and I think we can work something out to get you the card expedited without the additional charges. Please hold for a moment while I get approval.

Me: *Holding, laughing to myself at how predictable and easy they are.*

CC: Mr Rodriguez we were able to waive the fee and you will have the card by Thursday. Thank you so much for being a loyal customer since 2005.

Me: *acting thankful* Wow, that’s great, thank you so much for taking those extra step to help me out. That’s great.

Ladies and gentlemen, credit card companies only make money if you swipe that card. If you move to another card, they lose money and that person on the phone doesn’t want to be responsible for that. Spending money on a  credit card is already a trap, so you may as well have your way and save those damn $30 with a little verbal manipulation.

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