Date rapists are everywhere

I don’t know if you can tell what is happening in this picture, but what you see there is some piece of shit dropping a pill of sorts into this woman’s drink. What it is and how it can affect her is anyone’s guess. However, this is wrong on so many levels.

I believe that this action should carry severe, harsh prison sentences. We know their intentions, and we should expose them to the same dangers as they are exposing the women to. What better place than inside the walls of a prison? A prison where they are not protected by solitary confinement, and everyone in the general population knows what they did wrong.

There are problems with our prison system and the death penalty, but in a case like this, where they are caught right in the act, I don’t have a problem permanently neutralizing this threat.

I truly hope they caught and punished this trash for what he did.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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