Days Before Paris Attacks We Spoke About Islamophobia!

I kid you not when I tell you that just days before this horrific tragedy in Paris happened, myself and Gibran Malik were discussing Islam and how the media manipulates things. We blabbed for 3.5 hours on the subjects of Islam, Christianity, the media, and the many aspects that these topics can encompass.

I’ll repeat, just days before Paris attacks we spoke about Islamophobia! Once the attacks happened in Paris, I knew that the anti-Muslim people would start to attack immigration, and blanket blame all Muslims for the actions of these killers. However, men and women of reason know better than this. Each and every generation has had their group of people to attack and vilify. In the past it has been the Japanese, Puerto Ricans, and many others.

I am not a fool, nor am I ignorant to reality. Clearly and without a doubt, many of these current attacks have been carried out by Islamic extremists, that’s a fact. Stating or recognizing this does not make you an Islamophobe. However, that is not a green light to blame, attack, deport, or otherwise punish ALL Muslims.

This concept of takiya, where a Muslim pretends to be your friend to advance their goals has been twisted, and we also touch on this topic during our discussion. I would advise anyone who is of an extreme mindset, on either side of the spectrum to watch this discussion. There is much for us to learn!



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