Dealing With The Racists Now


Remember when I said that Donald J. Trump winning did not scare me? Well, it didn’t scare me then, and it doesn’t scare me now. Donald Trump knew exactly what he was doing, and he did what he had to do to ensure a victory. Now that he’s in power, I am certain that his views and rhetoric will become much more reasonable.

In fact, if you watch his recent 60 Minutes appearance, for the most part, you can see him dialing it back. I mean, who would have a problem with him deporting, or jailing criminals? He specified securing the border, something that we really should do to ensure the safety of our citizens, and deporting criminals. Here is a news flash for those of you who are getting offended, President Obama’s administration has deported many, many, many people. I assure you that if Hillary won, it would have been more of the same. At least this guy is saying he will target bad people.

In any case, I’m not here making the case for Trump, I didn’t support or vote for him. Besides, he hasn’t even taken office yet so it’s still way too early to pass judgement. I’m just illustrating why I was not necessarily afraid of him winning, and how my beliefs are now coming to pass. He really is toning it down.

My actual fear about Trump winning was that the racist arm of his supporters would feel empowered. Let’s clarify this once again, I’m not speaking of all Trump supporters, I repeat, THE RACIST ARM (not all) of his supporters would feel empowered. Based on local reports from all over the United States, they already do. We’ve all seen the videos of kids and adults screaming racist statements, and this was my concern. I was worried that they would feel that it’s okay to be bigoted, and this has already started happening. It’s not only happening where one would expect it, but also in places where it’s not so expected like NYC and California!

Now, it’s up to us, the ones who did not support him, as well as his non racist supporters alike, to come together as a nation and crush the extreme racist arm of his supporters! Trump himself on that 60 minutes interview said, “Stop it!” But its up to us, the people, to make sure it stops! If you see someone engaging in any of this activity, take the steps to report it, help if you can without endangering yourself or others, and share as much as you can.

I believe that together we can obliterate the behavior (though they will always exist) and send them back to the holes where they came from. We may not be able to change their hearts and minds, but we can make them go back into hiding!

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