Dear Blackberry.

Dear Blackberry,

I’m sorry.

I waited for you. For months and months I waited. I hung on to my bold, I held on I swear. I couldn’t wait for you guys to release O.S 6, but it never came. It never came!

I read the rumors, I heard about the touch screen bold. I was excited.

But you only gave us the torch, and though it was an improvement, it was still lacking. The movements were sluggish and laggy, the keyboard small, so I had no choice. I waited more.

Then the iPhone 4 came out. I waited and hoped you’d give me something worthwhile. Where was my bold touch? Pluto was one of the rumored names back then. It never came.

Like many, I had to leave you, I didn’t want to end the relationship but you were just not up to spec. I tried to work with you, I waited, but you let me and you let the community down. We had no choice but to move on.

We loved your physical keyboard, we were huge users of bbm, we were always a fan of how wonderfully you handled emails and the sort, but at the end of the day we had to move on. Sorry.

Recently you produced what I wanted all along, the bold touch, and though it was nice, this simply was a case of too little too late. Though I long for that physical keyboard, and better email management, I can’t  go back now, you’d have to step up your game. But you don’t plan to do you?

I read an article that you are now returning your focus to corporate users, back to where you began. Interesting, I guess the general market was simply too much to catch up and or keep up with?

Blackberry, I loved you, we had a good thing. But on behalf of myself and the community, we waited and we waited. You didnt deliver, and now it’s sad to see you taking your last breaths. I wish you all the best and hope you can recover. Maybe we will meet again, outside of the office where I have no choice but to see you. Until then, farewell.
Sincerely, an old friend.

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