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Dear Dumb Americans by Cathy Hernandez


Dear Dumb Americans by Cathy Hernandez

If you are at all concerned with what’s happening in this country you must be baffled by the incompetence displayed in this administration and in the government at all levels. Regardless of what side of the political ideological line you fall on; ish is messed up! We are in a downward spiral that no one seems to want to fix.

Social security is broken, schools are failing, there’s increased dependency on the government, strained race relations, disconnection from religion, loss of community and a break down of the family unit. These are the same problems of yester year and despite 30 years of identifying the problem, coordinated protest and election year promises there has been no true action taken towards a solution.

We’ve reached a point were self respect is second to fame and celebrity. Where money was the corrupting factor now it is trumped by self-aggrandizing and gratification. When hot chicks would whore themselves out to be in music videos or on the cover of Playboy now they go straight to self produced home made pornos; not for money but for hits on Youtube.

Our children are self-destructing and hopeless and all we can do is blame society. Remember when we were a part of “society”? When you could walk outside and talk to your neighbors, attend mass on Sunday, and hold bake sales to raise money for school? Now we sit behind computer screens on our preferred (anti)-social network complaining that the world isn’t a fair place.

Not only do we suffer from: Anxiety, Depression, PMS, Attention Deficit Disorder, Migraines and High Blood Pressure but we’re also dependent on Botox, Fillers, Diet Pills and will try any holistic remedy (for a week). Television commercials have us convinced that we’re fat because of hormonal imbalance instead of processed food or sugar addiction. You have trouble concentrating and your kids have behavior problems. So we buy into the idea that the solution cannot come from us because we are the source of the problem so naturally we must need an outside remedy either in the form of a pill or government subsidy.

Americans have become drugged up and dumbed down, stripped of all responsibility and convinced that not only do you need the governments help but that you have the right to be taken care of by Uncle Sam. The fact of the matter is that you don’t have the right to anything more than what is stated in our Constitution. The opportunity to create the life that you want is afforded all Americans with one stipulation; You don’t deserve it, YOU EARN IT.

This post originally appeared on NewsNinja2012 by Cat Hernandez.



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