On deck with Lucy – Season 1 Episode 2: Autumn

In our second episode we highlight T-Trend. Autumn Marie joins us On Deck as she talks about two original and environmentally friendly fashion Designers. Gunas is the first brand we highlight and there are many things that make their bags so special. Not only are they an eye-catching designer brand of bags, but they are also a 100% cruelty-free and sweat-shop-free! Even the adhesives used in constructing are water-based and vegan. No compromises are made in style and quality.  Animal-loving celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy own and love their bags!
After a quick glance of our Times Square promo we go onto speak about Rotten Banana, a Fashion company whose slogan is to “Visualize the invisible.” The clothes are about comfort, style and mobility.