Declining Barbershop Service

I think this can be said of nearly every profession, but I find it to be particularly prevalent when it comes to barbershops. When you first start with a new barber, those guys/gals really put in that service. They are meticulous about catching any stray hairs, and really give you a nice fade. Then, the second time, you’ll find some hair behind the ear, no biggie, just shave it or trim it off. The next time, they leave a big patch on the lower part of your neck. And on and on it progresses, becoming less and less of a great haircut with each visit.

This last one, dude left very long hairs on the back of my head. Extremely noticeable long hairs, I’m not sure how they got pass this guy. All I had to do was spend two seconds in front of the mirror and I saw them. That might not sound like a huge deal to you, but when you get a skin fade like I do, it kind of is a big deal. How do you not notice long hairs, on what is supposed to be a skin fade?

I’ve been to many barbers over the years, I’ve worked with quite a few traveling barbers, celebrity barbers, and hole in the wall spots. It’s always the same, they’ll do a great job the first, maybe even the second time, and then they start to slack. I don’t care what you do for celebrities, or who you work with! I care about what you do for me and my head! Who cares if you cut DJ Khaled’s hair? If you don’t give me the same service that you give him, what good is your title to me?

Here’s what happens with me. Once I notice the decline, I’ll mention it nicely, and I’ll see if they adjust. If they don’t, then I move on to another barber at the same shop, or I start to go elsewhere. If you are a barber, treat your client as if it was the first time every time, that’s how you keep a loyal customer who is even willing to travel for you!

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