Democrat admits going for a gun ban!

The Democratic party and anti-gun advocates claim that their only goal is to create better gun laws to make us “safer”. But in this video you see Texas Council member Mike Martinez state, plain as day, that he will legitimize a gun ban sign that a man in the audience is holding up. He says “soon with the work they are doing, you will need that sign”. Watch this video, I’m not making any of this up, the right wing isn’t making this up, the NRA isn’t making this up, gun owners are not making this up, Mike Martinez says it clearly himself. How Texas has reached the point where an anti-gun  politician has the possibility of becoming a city Mayor is beyond me.

I will continue to support our Senators in their filibusters against gun legislation, I will continue to support the NRA, and I will continue to advocate on behalf of gun owners.

The general consensus from liberals has been that we are overreacting, and that we have nothing to worry about. But what are we supposed to think when we see something like this from politicians like Mike Martinez? This leaves us no choice but to assume the worst and go balls to the wall against these gun bans. So yes, I will write a check to the NRA each and every year!  I bet that most liberals don’t know that the NRA is the organization that fought against Democratic sponsored slavery AND the KKK for the rights of blacks to own guns!

When will they see that we are not bad people? Look at Mexico, they have strict gun laws and look at the amount of gun violence over there. In fact, didn’t our own very own Government provide them with a bunch of weapons? Come on folks, open your eyes. Those of you that are against gun owners, do you think that because you are against us now that the government will give you “better” treatment when they start to do whatever it is they are planning to do? Wake up and open your eyes.

Watch this video with an open mind and tell me that these guys are not trying to completely strip us of our 2nd Amendments right? Tell me I have nothing to worry about?

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Not Joe Biden
Not Joe Biden
7 years ago

The same politicians that let illegal aliens go free, including MS-13 gang members, and give guns to Mexican drug cartels (see Fast and Furious) want to register the guns of Americans and then disarm them. Sounds legit. (Sarcasm.)

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