Dennis Quaid Freak out but is this real?

I watched this video, and read through the comments on the post and various sites. It seems that as with anything in life, some are judging him for being a jerk, while others are defending him.

The question I have is, was it real or is this some sort of scheme to get some visibility? I know the name Dennis Quaid, but if you put 5 actors in front of me, I could not pick him out from a line up. So I’m wondering if he is trying to be legit, or if this is another spoof for tv or something?

The person recording does conceal their phone once he moves out towards them, which says to me that it’s possible it could be legit. The director, or whoever that is attempts to coax him, which also makes me believe that it is real, but I can’t tell.

He screams “I am pro! This is unprofessional.” That screams of irony to me, screaming at someone about how professional you are, while cursing and telling them how unprofessional they are. Say what?

What do you guys think?

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Angel Rodriguez

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