DHS Testing Gases on MTA Hubs

Hey, uhm, yeah we are going to be going ahead and releasing this “non-toxic” gas into the air while most of you are commuting to and from work. This is a test to protect you against terrorism, so you know, it’s for your safety. Don’t worry, this gas is absolutely non-toxic, and most of us will be dead and gone before the cancer, I mean, there are no side effects, don’t worry.

See, you thought that you had some sort of say on what you inhaled into your lungs. You go to the gym, you diet, you don’t smoke or drink, but guess what? You gonna breathe in this non-toxic gas! But don’t worry it’s for your own good!

Many straphangers are supporting the move according to Pix11 news, “Well, if it’s for our safety, sacrifices have to be made.” Uhm, how about we are asked about them first?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future. A place where you thought you were free, and that maybe you had a say, but in reality, you are just a slave and guinea pig to the system, but it’s for your own good.