Did Drake whoop Chris Brown’s butt?

Apparently Drake has a little tough in him after all. News sources say that he and Chris Brown, aka “woman beater” were at the same night club and a beef broke out between them and their entourages, bottles were thrown, people got hurt.

We don’t know the exact details as they were not provided, however it’s said that Chris Brown tweeted out a picture of an injury he sustained in the face. A nice looking gash by the chin.

It is rumored that the beef occurred because of Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend whom he beat, Rihanna. Again at this time we do not have all the details as more info is coming out, but how awesome would it be if Drake and his homies tried to catch a body up in there because of what Chris Brown did to Rihanna?

Drake, my good man, I was already a fan, but if it turns out you were trying to whoop Chris Brown’s butt for hitting a female, you sir will then have earned some serious brownie points in my book.