Did the police try to frame this black man?

So this black business owner ran a smoke shop, you could buy all sorts of tobacco products, hookah stuff, all that fancy smancy smoking stuff. If you watch this video, you’ll see an informant planting crack in the man’s store, right on the counter. WTF? This is wrong on so many levels, I mean, first of all, who the hell smokes crack anymore? Jesus that is so 90’s! Ugh. That should of been the first hint that something was wrong. Second, who the hell leaves their crack baggies lying around in a store, in plain view. Are you kidding me?

Now here’s the question I have which this news report doesn’t seem to touch on, did the cops put this informant up to it or did he do it on his own to get more money or some sort of bonus for a “bust”? Hmmm? I don’t know, but I tell you this, I’m very glad that there were multiple, clear, and working cameras to catch this crap going down.  I don’t usually buy into, or play the race card, but if it wasn’t for the cameras, I can tell you with most certainty that this black dude would of been screwed.  That being said, I hope that now, the people responsible for this setup are the ones screwed. If it turns out the cops were involved in this, people should lose their jobs, and his pockets should get very, very thick with legal compensation.

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