Discussing Sleep Apnea on National Geographic Channel

A few years ago I was invited to go on a National Geographic Channel documentary called, “Sleepless in America.” The topic I was tagged in to discuss was sleep apnea. This is something that I have suffered from pretty much my entire adult life, and it only got worse when I gained all that weight.

By improving my health, I have made the sleep apnea better. Mind you, it’s not gone, I still sleep with a cpap, but if I rip it off in my sleep, I don’t snore as violently according to my wife.

Check out a snippet from the show. I come on a few times during the whole episode, but you get a few snippets here. Towards the end, they play this sad music as I’m talking, gives it a nice dramatic effect. LOL.

In any case, I just gave you another reason to get healthy! Click here for more on sleep apnea or visit Natgeo for more on the documentary.