#Disruptspeciesism tears

Ladies and gentlemen, I have often stated that I am all for your rights to voice your opinion. That even applies to liberals like Kelly here. Kelly loves her chickens, and that’s all fine and dandy. She has every right to ache for them, to feel for them, and to speak out for them. I will never say that she doesn’t, and I will never stop her. This has always been my view, to each their own.

On that same note, I believe that Johnny should have the right to eat his chicken in peace. Just as I believe Kelly has the right to cry and speak up for her chicken, I believe that Johnny has the right to eat the chicken. Mutual respect for one another’s views. Since the beginning of time, man has eaten animals, and animals eat each other. That’s just the way it goes. If you don’t like that, then you have the choice to not participate, and I respect that choice. I don’t have a problem with that at all.

You know when I do have a problem? When either side does something like this. You don’t walk into a private establishment, where people are enjoying a dinner, that they paid for, and go on this rant about your little girl. This is where it becomes troublesome, because now you are PUSHING YOUR VIEWS ON OTHERS! My respect for your views is in tact so long as you leave me in peace. The moment you begin to trouble me, or FORCE your views on me, then we have a problem.

Stand outside, cry, protest, do whatever the hell you want to. However once you start to infiltrate and attack like this, then expect resistance. Notice the level of respect I am granting you on this piece? My initial reaction was to mock you, and attack you about this term “speciesism.” However, I believe that we should all respect one another, and though I strongly, strongly, disagree with your views, I’m not attacking you. Okay, maybe I’m mocking you a little bit. Mutual respect. All I ask is that you keep your business to yourself, and leave the chicken eaters in peace.

Many people will mock you, and hey, I can’t say that I blame them. Honestly, I’m not sure if you tears are genuine, or if you are an aspiring actor. All that being said, as much as I want to, I won’t be mocking you too hard today. You’ll probably still get upset with me, but that’s fine. Look, live and let live. Too each their own.

Question, even if you managed to stop people from eating animals, what would you do about animals that survive eating animals? Is the lower, weaker species more important than the higher species? Think about that.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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