DO NOT VOTE for Charles Barron! Radical flag hating racist!

This man is a former black panther, he’s called Mugabe and Gadhafi African heroes, he once stated that he wanted to slap the “closest white person to him”, he refuses to salute the American flag and compared the Israelis to Nazis. He has been called an anti semite by Jewish groups, extremist by others, and even members of his own party do not like the guy and his politics.

Let me just ask  you this, how can you refuse to salute and respect the flag of the country you will serve and make laws for?

He sounds like a very radical extreme person to me? Yet why haven’t we heard about him or the things he’s said on the mainstream news? Why didn’t I ever hear of this guy before a post I saw on the Facebook page “Laughing at stupid things liberal say“? You hear about Romney, McCain, or any of those guys if they say even the most slightly controversial thing, yet Obama can say we have 58 states and there isn’t a peep. I’m starting to believe what I have been told for years by some of my friends and colleagues, “the mass media is controlled by liberals”.

I will say this, when it comes to politics, up until recently I have never been very involved or cared too much.  Yet with my limited knowledge I have always considered myself a democrat, I felt I related more to the DNC than to the GOP.

Republicans always struck me as right wing, bible belt, religion toting extremist. However, during the past few years as I have been reading and getting more involved with political matters I have started to stand in the middle ground when it comes to political issues. Yet as I see more and more democrats like this crazy guy coming forward I’m starting to push more and more towards the right.

I never cared much for George W. Bush and his Christian speeches and so on, but when compared to Obama and the current administration which seems to favor everyone else but our own people, I can’t help but hope that we will one day again soon have a Government that cares about the country.

In closing, please do not vote for this psycho. Regardless of our politics, I would hope that we can all agree that a United States Congressman should be willing to salute and respect the United States flag!

Instead give your vote to Hakeem Jeffries, he seems the more safe selection!

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