Doctor making light of abortions

Growing up, even before I fully understood it, I have always stood by a woman’s right to choose when it came to abortions. I’m not saying that I like it, or that it should be a “go to” option to deal with pregnancy, but I’m saying it’s a woman’s right to choose. That being said, I am disgusted by Leah Torres and her making light of abortions.

I recall encountering individuals who treated abortions as birth control. One of them showed up for a “seductive” photo shoot a friend of mine arranged, she started bleeding during the shoot, asked for tissues and said it was because she just had an abortion. But not to worry, she didn’t allow herself to get big enough to ruin the shoot. When he told me this story, I was disgusted.

I also knew a few individuals who had several abortions because they kept on getting pregnant. In cases like those I couldn’t understand why they simply didn’t practice safe sex? Why didn’t the men practice safe sex? I support a woman’s right to choose, but I don’t support making abortion your form of birth control. That’s not cool. It should be a last option in my opinion, not the first or the go to form of birth control. Also, it shouldn’t be a decision that is made lightly.

So we have established that I support a woman’s right to choose. But when I read a tweet like this one:

I can’t help but be disgusted. I don’t know the entire conversation, or how it came to this. However, you can tell she’s kind of making light of the situation by the way she’s so callously saying, “Oh I cut that part so they can’t scream.” What the hell is wrong with this woman? Whether or not you support a woman’s right to choose, making light of the situation this way doesn’t sit well with me. This bothers me.

What are your thoughts?


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