Does Appearance Change How People Are Treated?

This is another social experiment by Coby Persin, this one examines how people are treated, based on appearance. I’m sure that I won’t be putting out any spoilers by informing you that the homeless appearing person gets the short end of the stick.

I wonder why that is though? In this case, unlike the prior video I shared, I think that safety factors into it. I believe that most of us would see the well dressed man, and assume that he is “safe.” Meanwhile, when dealing with a homeless person, particularly in New York City, you are often confronted by unbalanced or mentally ill individuals.

I don’t believe these are bad people, but they are concerned about their safety. Also, I hate to say it, I believe that they would be concerned about hygiene as well. This is the reality here.

That is my analysis on this one, but take a look and decide for yourself.