Donald Trump Attacks Undocumented Immigrants. Then hires them for cheap labor!

We all know how the Don feels about people crossing the border illegally. During his official presidential bid announcement he gave a very passionate speech about “illegals” being rapists and drug dealers, among many other things.

I have it on good authority that the Don, who is allegedly against illegal immigration knowingly employs folks who are in the country without any legal documentation.

Under my advice, the individuals who came forward as working for Donald Trump have opted to remain anonymous.

They stated that they used fake papers to apply and get the jobs. They are being paid $8.78 an hour for the job, and management turns a blind eye to their status. These folks expressed shock and disgust, not so much because of his views, but because of the hypocrisy he is putting on display.

One day Donald Trump speaks negatively of these folks, calls them rapists, then the next day he turns around and hires them for cheap labor. Oh the irony!

Unfortunately, without sacrificing these individuals on a personal level, which I won’t knowingly do, this is all I can provide for you.

Just some food for thought! At the end of the day, the almighty dollar is king!

*A worker who was terminated because they could take the 12 hour work day, with only a 15 minute break may speak up. Stay tuned.*