Podcast: Donald Trump gets Braver with age

President Donald Trump said that whether or not he had a weapon, he would have gone into the Parkland High School to try and save lives. It sounds to me that Donald Trump’s balls have gotten bigger with age. If one looks into his military service, or lack thereof,  you’ll find that he is a professional draft dodger. “Ouch, my heels hurt Mister Soldier man, I can’t serve this nation.” Still, it seems he’s gotten braver with age.

When it comes to high mass shooting scenarios, well if you hear him tell it, Trump is one brave son of a bitch! When it comes to talking shit about North Korea, or any other conflicts where it is YOUR kids who would have to go fight in a war, (remember, draft dodger) he’s got a mighty big mouth, he’s the alpha, the bravest son of a gun round these here parts! But that doesn’t apply to his own service to the nation, and I assure you that none of his kids would go and serve this nation either.

Rich people with power seldom serve, they’d rather send us po’ folk to die in their stead. But they are real big to talk and start conflicts. Just ask anyone who spearheaded our conflicts and wars for all these decades.

What I find most fascinating in all this is how quickly and blindly people eat up his bullshit. This guy avoided serving the nation for years and years, ultimately getting disqualified for service because of heel spurs? Yet y’all think he’s such a damn patriot. Seriously? Download this podcast episode by clicking here or just press play below!

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