Donald Trump Threatens To Send Feds Into Chicago – War on Drugs 2.0?

Donald Trump among his promises to make America great again, included “helping” the African American community. Something that the likes of Reagan and Clinton have been doing with that amazing war on drugs. You know the one? The one where our communities of color are ravaged and torn apart under the guise of this “war on drugs.” Cause you know, only communities of color have drugs, and only communities of color should be targeted.

Now, Trump, under the guise of helping us out in Chicago, is threatening to send in the feds. Now, I’d really like to believe that him sending in some federal law enforcement would really help solve the problem. However, here is what I think would happen, MORE BLACKS WOULD GET KILLED AT THE HANDS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.

That’s what I think would end up happening. Domestic and local cops tackle the freak out of black men while they are driving their own cars, with hands in the air, and complying in every which way possible. So how do you think it would work out if federal cops came in to “help?”

I hope that Donald Trump pays attention to my concerns, and takes this heavily into consideration while implementing his plans to help us. If you really want to help, then listen to our concerns, and take the steps necessary to protect us, from them, while you help us.

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