Don’t assign a sex to your children at birth.

Ladies and gentleman, this freak over at slate, Christin Scarlett Milloy, would have you wait until your kids can “choose” until you assign a sex to them. Can you believe the level of insanity that the liberals are reaching? I’m going to go ahead and say what the politically-correct nut jobs would say is wrong. Regardless of your sexual orientation, you are absolutely born with a sex. It’s extremely and physiologically simple. Look between your legs, if you have a penis, then you are a guy. If you have a vagina, then you are a girl.

A penis comes in many shapes and forms, but as a general rule, it is a longish piece of flesh that protrudes out of your body in the groin area. Go ahead and take a look, if you have one of those, you are a freaking guy.

The other option, is a vagina. Unlike the penis, it does not protrude out of your body. It is a slit of sorts and designed for the penis to enter and procreate. If you have a hole, instead of an item sticking out, then you have a vagina, and you are a female.

In some cases, an individual can have both, then it’s not so simple. However, if you have one or the other, regardless of your sexual orientation, you are a boy or a girl. I do not buy or subscribe to this ultra, extreme, politically-correct bull crap that people like Christin Scarlett Milloy are pushing on us. Personally, I respect an individual’s choice to do whatever the hell they want in life. Conversely, I am against pushing this nonsense agenda and confusing the hell out of kids with “gender non-assignment” before they can even choose to be a part of your psychotic ways.

What the hell is wrong with you?

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