Don’t Be Unprepared: Plan for the Next Natural Disaster

How to Recover from Sandy

Hurricane Sandy recently brought crippling damage to New York City, New Jersey and other coastal areas in the North. In fact, it was one of the worst storms in the past 100 years. If you are just able to get back to your home, there are some tips that you should be aware of for a speedy recovery. Recovery from the storm must be conducted efficiently and properly to ensure that normalcy is restored to the area.

We at Douglas Elliman summarized recovery procedures and made recommendations to residents of the area. Not all dangers of the storm are immediate. Familiarize yourself with these tips to ensure you are prepared.

Gather the Facts

With all the information and damage reports available, it is hard to know which ones are accurate. Facebook and Twitter offer information about your particular neighborhood. After everyone has been give clearance to return to their homes, homeowners can determine first-hand how much damage was done to the area. If you read the reports, you will learn about the condition beforehand, and you can prepare the items you need to restore your home and make it inhabitable.

Get Clearance Before Going Home

Do not return home until the government provides clearance. Risks are still present after a storm has passed. For example, if power lines were knocked down during a storm, a person may be at risk for shocks that may be fatal. Fire risk is also present when wires are down.

For added protection, you may want to contact your landlord or building manager to find out the state of the area and the building. Home owners can contact neighbors to find out more about your home’s condition.

Search for Water Damage

Water from Hurricane Sandy flooded the city streets and seeped into undesirable places. Water damage is difficult to recover from because it produces unhealthy and dangerous molds and mildews. If you find damp items, you have to make an assessment about whether the item can be salvaged. Typically, if the items can be placed in a dryer, the items can be salvaged. Otherwise, it will require discarding the items.

File Your Insurance Claims

If you have a claim to file, you will want to receive payment fast. To accelerate the process, start by taking pictures immediately. There will be thousands of claims in the coming weeks. Those people who provide documentation will be the first to get their claims paid. The faster you get your claims paid, the happier you will be. Call your provider to make sure the company is aware of the situation.

There is a lot of work to perform after the storm. The mental effects Sandy will have on people will be immense, but this should not deter you from making decisions that will speed up the process.

Prepare for the next storm and check to ensure that you have enough supplies to replace any supplies used during Hurricane Sandy. 

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