Is There A Double Standard On Compliments?

Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at the above pictorial illustration. There are two individuals, basically doing and saying the same thing, however, the perception and reaction from the victim is different in both cases.

So I ask you folks, Is There A Double Standard On Compliments? Are we more likely to get offended if the person is less desirable, as opposed to when it is someone we like?

Even as I ask that question, the answer is kind of obvious isn’t it? But the offense part is the thing that is in question. If a woman that I am attracted to, compliments me, and puts moves on me, I would be inclined to go along with it. We go with what we like.

On the other hand, if it’s someone that I am not attracted to, then I’d say thank you, smile, and carry on. I don’t think I’d report them, or try to get them in trouble over it. However, that is my right. We all handle things as we wish. I’ve been hit on by men and women, and I never took offense, except that one time where the guy grabbed my penis! Hmm, actually, also when the guy licked me at a club, that was kind of weird, but I didn’t get angry.

I covered this topic yesterday when it came to complimenting women at work, and I stated that the best option was to SAY NOTHING! NOTHING! NOTHING!

There is a movement to end cat calling, rightfully so. The men in the street who cat call women are generally extremely disrespectful, and they make them feel terribly uncomfortable.

Most of us saw that video of the woman walking around Manhattan, and getting hit on. There was also a lesser seen video of a hot dude doing the same thing, and encountering similar results.

It confirms that when we see something we like, we at least, at least, look! I know I do, and that will never stop. Of course there is a difference between looking and downright harrassing. In any case, I was curious if people were more likely to get offended if it’s someone less hot as the image portrays?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Angel Rodriguez


  1. I think people are so sensitive now a days and I’d rather just stay out of it lol no compliments and just move on lol I’m not trying to get fired or sued. In my job people are so sensitive that a hi and a bye is all they are getting from me lol I can’t even day good morning I just say morning people and do my job.

  2. Sad but true! Somehow it feels acceptable when a smoking hot guy compliments me. I feel so flattered and flustered. When a creep does it, it feels slimy. This video captures it best:

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