Double standards in politics by the media.

If you read my post on “Do you hate your own race“, then you know that I am neither liberal nor conservative.  Yet if you read many of my posts you will find that I rip on the democratic party more than I do the republicans. Although that was quite different when GW was in power, I used to tear into that guy hard core! I still want to know why he sent so many young Americans to die in Iraq! Mr Bush?

In any case, there is a reason that I get on the current democratic administration, blame it on the media!  Most news channels and outlets are controlled by liberals and they exercise amazing double standards when it comes to the what they report and highlight in news stories.

Liberals don’t need me to be their voice to repeat what is already all over the web and news, they have mainstream media for that. On the other hand, the conservative party doesn’t have the same voice and reach as the mainstream media. As such many important stories and points go unnoticed. This is especially true on my very liberal facebook wall, the majority of my friends are far left liberals.

I will give you a few examples of this hypocrisy by the media so that you can better understand why I speak on behalf of conservatives more than I do liberals.  What follows are some amazing instances where double standards applied.

Democrat Ted Kennedy had a vehicle accident. The person in the vehicle with him died from drowning and he waited over 8 hours to call for her. This story did made news, I mean how could it not. However I did not see any public outcries for Ted Kennedy to leave congress.

Democrat Robert Byrd, he made the infamous statement about “having seen white niggers” in his life. But guess what? Until recently I hadn’t even heard about this incident. Not to mention that this man was a former KKK member, chapter leader if I’m not mistaken. No calls to leave the Senate here.

Democrat Obama attended a church that was led by a pastor that hates America. Yet, his association with this man is not cause for alarm to liberals. Nobody seems to care, and nobody calls for an impeachment.

Democrat Joe Biden, this man said “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man”, he also told a group of mixed race people that the republicans are trying to take the chains off of Wall street and put those chains back on them. He made the comical statement “They gonna put y’all back in chains”.

Democrat Bill Clinton, the biggest one of all. This man has been unfaithful to his wife, time and time again. Had the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and though there was some talk of impeachment, he ended up finishing his term and is still around. The news spoke about this topic, but HOW.. COULD.. THEY.. NOT?????

Can you tell me how nasty it would have been if any of those issues had happened with the republican party?  Are you kidding me? Romney is just rich, and he is accused of being out of touch with people. He went to speak to the NAACP and tried to make contact and was booed. Now imagine if he had said “white niggers”, this man would have been crucified! You cannot deny this!

Akin is fool. This man made a really stupid statement, his judgment and thought processes are questionable. Honestly, I never even heard of this guy until now. However, nobody died from his verbal blunder. But everyone is calling for him to pull out of the race. Are feelings hurt? Are people offended? Of course, we all are, his words were ridiculous! He messed up bad, but bottom line, nobody died, and he speaks for himself, not Romney, Ryan, etc.

Do we need to talk about “the fast and furious” scandal with Mr. Holder and President Obama? People actually died because of that one, Americans and non-Americans alike. But nobody wants to talk about that, they want Romney’s tax returns instead.

People are now calling the party the “rapeublican party” because of this Akin’s statements. I’ll repeat, he doesn’t speak for the entire party, he speaks for only one person and one person alone, and that’s himself.

Obama has worked with some very questionable individuals, including that pastor of his, Jeremiah Wright, yet the entire democratic party is not being bashed for “hating America” because of his association to that man. Yet the media does this exact thing to the republican party.

I’ll state again, I’m neither right or left, I’m middle ground on my views. Depending on what the issue is, that is my stance. But I find it highly unfair that mainstream media rips into one party, and favors the other.  This is the major reason why I report the stories I do. To try and restore the balance on these left tipped scales.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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Gerald Lee Jones
7 years ago

I am a fairly liberal Republican (a Conservative with Sanity) and I rip into the GOP all the time, but anyone who is honest has to say that the Dems have been getting away with murder when it comes to the press. Dare I mention the name: Joe Biden!?!?!?!

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