Downplaying your abilities

Sometimes I downplay what I know or what I can do to protect a fragile ego or to avoid conflict. Sometimes I do it simply to avoid embarrassing someone who thinks they know more than they do. I’ll smile, stay quiet, and acknowledge what they are saying.

Understand that if a point is worth my while, or if it is a topic that I feel passionately about, then I’ll speak up. By no means am I saying that I take shit or let people walk all over me. I’m just saying I nod and acknowledge, not necessarily agree.

The majority of the time it’s not worth engaging or challenging. When I do take this passive approach, much of the time they don’t even realize that I’m just dumbing myself down, or just accepting what’s being offered because I don’t want to hurt their sensibilities or waste my energy. Truth is some people need to be protected from themselves.

In the past, I wouldn’t let anything slide, especially if my sensibilities were involved. But lately I just allow them to think what they will.  As I get older I’m learning that I don’t need to show all my cards in order to validate or assert my self worth. It’s all about ego and pride.

I’m still learning, but with all the people I encounter at any given moment, everyday provides me with a multitude of tests and opportunities to continue learning, growing, and evolving.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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