Dr. Ben Carson recommmends reading Saul Alinsky

I don’t know if Dr. Carson has money invested in Saul Alinsky stock, and this is just a ruse to get us to buy the book “Rules for Radicals,” but I fell for it. I bought it, and started reading it on my kindle this morning. So far, it is an interesting read. I haven’t gone deep enough into the book to be able to talk in depth about it, but I’ll be studying it.

Dr. Carson believes that by reading this book, we’ll have a play by play of the moves that the left is using to wage war on the American way of life. You must study your opponent to understand how to defeat them. I agree with this, and it is a major reason that I still read Huffpo, and other left-leaning sites. You can’t defeat an opponent that you do not intimately know.

This President and his Administration can’t seem to let go of  Alinsky tactics. They live by them, and if they continue to cling to them they will die politically by them.

Let me quote Alinsky from Rules for Radicals to illustrate why this is so…

The basic tactic in warfare against the Haves is a mass political jiujitsu: the Have-Nots do not rigidly oppose the Haves, but yield in such planned and skilled ways that the superior strength of the Haves becomes their own undoing. For example, since the Haves publicly pose as the custodians of responsibility, morality, law, and justice (which are frequently strangers to each other), they can be constantly pushed to live up to their own book of morality and regulations… You can club them to death with their “book” of rules and regulations [emphasis added].

And always keep in mind the central theme of the Alinsky methodology…

The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.

Now your job as a conservative is to stop reacting to the senseless and baseless accusations and begin to put pressure on this Administration to live up to their own “book of rules”. Find the contradictions, the lies, and the myriad of ways in which Obama and his advisers and appointees have failed to live up to what they said they would do, and what a reasonable Government should do.

Tweet them. Blog them. Include them in letters to your elected representatives. Drive them home relentlessly and “club them to death with their “book” of rules and regulations”.

~ Alinsky Defeater Blog

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