Dr Seeds BPC Protective Complex+

So I have a shoulder injury that I’ve been trying to nurse back to health. I’ve been seeing an orthopedic surgeon as well as getting physical therapy. Thus far, none of what has been done seems to help. You can read about my PT experience here.

Anyway, one of my buddies told me about a compound called BPC 157. You are supposed to inject it into the injured site and it allegedly helps you heal up and recover. Somewhere along the lines I came across this product by Dr Seeds, BPC protective complex+. They say that it is not BPC in the same form as it is injected, but rather compounds that are use to make it.

This product will set you back about $69 or so. This is the stronger formula as I figured I need all the help that I can get. In their documentation they state that this will take up to 3 weeks to work. So I dutifully and faithfully took these pills every single day. One month later, I noticed zero improvement on my shoulder or any of my other injuries. They have a 100% money back guarantee so I reached out and took them up on it.

Dr Seeds returned my money with no questions asked and no problems. They didn’t try to retain me as a customer, nada. In fact, they said that they want to build long lasting relationships with people for whom their products work. I was wondering if I should have given it more time to kick in, but I wasn’t about to shell out another $69 to try it out and they didn’t make any statements in regards to giving it more time.

I respect that these guys are confident enough to stand by their product, as well as honoring the return policy. The product didn’t work for me and based off of that experience I’m not sure that it works at all. But the company is honest and did return my money with no problems whatsoever. I did not experience any adverse effects that I am aware of whilst taking this product. I always encourage people to try things for themselves, but this was my experience with Dr. Seeds BPC protective complex+. You can try and know that you have 30 days from the point of ordering to get a refund if you are not fully satisfied, I respect that confidence.

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