Do dreadlocks make you look dirty?

Do dreadlocks make you look dirty? According to some of these nasty bigots they do. Someone I know was asking about dreads, and then her friends began their commentary. I feel like they might not even be aware that they are being bigoted, offensive and racist. It’s just something that comes so naturally to them, they don’t even realize it.

Right from the opening gate, you see the subtle and not so subtle racism rearing its ugly head. One friend says “it looks dirty” while the other states that dreads are a “bug magnet.” The last idiot in the post above specifically implies that black people don’t wash their hair for up to six months. And if that was not enough, the fucktard then goes on to imply that having dreads means you are ghetto. I mean, seriously, this stupidity?

Take a look at this handsome fella. I don’t know this dude, but he doesn’t appear dirty to me. Actually, he looks pretty damn clean and apparently takes good care of his health and appearance. Yet, these racist fucks somehow see his hair, or those like him as dirty? Ghetto? What the hell is wrong with you people?

Perhaps the only exposure these buffoons have had to dreads were Michonne in the Walking Dead? In that case I’d argue that everyone in that show was dirty. You know, cause the end of the world and all?

Among the lesser offensive commentary that I saw was the proclamation that “Dreads can be clean.” You know, meaning that “Yeah, they are dirty. But hey, they can be clean.” That one was a more passive aggressive way of saying that they are dirty. It was an attempt to help, while still echoing the same statement. Then there comes the point of “sophistication.” Cause you know those dread having people, they are unsophisticated animals. And finally, we have the one who is once again reinforcing the bug magnet point.

After reading through that post, I decided to add a comment in there where I stated pretty much what I’ve written here. They don’t even realize that they are being racists, I think. Now, who’s gonna come on here and tell me that “I see racism everywhere.”

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