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Congressman Jack Kingston has been getting some heat from the left over a statement he made about kids having to sweep the cafeteria or do some other form of a chore to earn their free lunches at school. In the following interview, he goes on to explain what he was trying to say. Before I even listened to the interview, I agreed with him on this matter. See, one of the problems with society today is that we expect something for nothing. This entitlement mentality is what is taking us down the path of failure. I say to give the kids a chance to develop responsibility and independence from the bondage that depending upon the government for everything creates. These kids can grow up to be productive citizens of society because of the lessons this will instill in them. I have absolutely no problem with this.

Congressman Kingston goes on to say that this doesn’t just apply to less affluent groups of people, but also to more affluent people as well. Take, for instance, that rich kid, Ethan Couch, that piece of crap claims that he didn’t know better. His defense for killing those four innocent people is that his parents didn’t instill upon him responsibility and a sense of consequence. That little bastard would do well to grab a broomstick and learn what it is to earn money, learn what it is to work for something. Maybe, just maybe, if that were the case, perhaps those four people would be here today? Furthermore, I’d lock up his parents and freeze all the assets, but I digress..

So what do you guys think, is the Congressman on to something, or is he way out of line?

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