Editor's Choice: Route 66 Smokehouse.


This evening I met up with my little sister for dinner. She has some personal things going on, and I was providing some brotherly advice. She came down to the Wall Street area to meet me for dinner and to talk. We were both hungry, and it was up to me to find a place for us to eat. For some time, I have been meaning to try out Route 66 Smokehouse, a brand-new restaurant that has joined the Ronan Downs family.

I met Ronan at the equinox gym jacuzzi; I was hanging in there as I usually do when I finish a heavy weightlifting workout, and he came in to hang out as well. Being the social butterfly that I am I engaged Ronan, and we began to talk. Through casual conversation, I discovered that he owns several restaurants in the Wall Street area, I also shared with him that I write food and restaurant reviews, and that I would soon be on a television show where I would be a food judge as well. Ronan extended a kind invitation for me to attend the grand opening of Route 66; however, I couldn’t make it to that event, but I still wanted to try out the location.

NYCTalking Editor's ChoiceToday was the day, with my little sister, I headed over to 79 Pearl St. and set out for dinner. You know BBQ is BBQ; I mean I’ve always felt that it’s either good or it’s not good, but not all barbecues are created equal. Route 66 was a very very pleasant surprise, from the moment that me and my sister started eating the chips & dip, and the smoked chicken wings; we both began to smile. We looked at each other, and we both agreed that these items were delicious!

Delicious is the theme of the night at Route 66, the entire menu was delicious. As I mentioned before as an appetizer, we tried the chips and onion dip, and the smoked chicken wings. As a main course, I decided to try out the Route 66 Combo (Sampler meal) with mashed potatoes, and my little sister had the Angus burger.

Okay let me tell you about this meal, the first thing you notice as you bite into these chicken wings is that delicious smoked barbecue flavor! This is a flavor that is just absolutely unmistakable, as I sank my teeth into the meat there was an orgasm happening in my mouth. I felt my body shiver and quiver with delight, I literally had to shake because it tasted so freaking good. Me and my sister both laughed with great pleasure as we ate these wings. I’m telling you my friends, I am not exaggerating, my body literally shivered with pleasure from how good these this things where!

route66 combo nyctalkingCase in point, as my wife is listening to me dictate this review, she just got up and went into the kitchen after deciding to heat up the leftovers that I brought home. I expect to hear good news from her momentarily, echoing that which I have already said, delicious! But back to the review now. When we tried the chips and dip it was more of the same, simple chips and simple onion dip taken to another level. The appetizers are sizable portions and would satisfy most individuals in terms of size, quantity and quality.

Let’s talk about the Route 66 combo, the menu says it clearly, they ask: “You can’t decide you? You don’t have to! Try a taste of all four pit entrées.” So tonight I had sliced brisket, pulled pork, St. Louis ribs, and smoked chicken! As if that wasn’t enough I also had some mashed potatoes with all this meat! I truly don’t know where to begin or how to describe this, I had four items that all had distinct tastes, yet all were consistent in deliciousness! The meat was so tender and soft that I didn’t even have to use a knife to cut through it, when I decided to attack a piece the meat melted right into my fork and into my mouth. The smell inside this place is just absolute barbecue heaven! The service at the place was very nice; we were greeted by smiles and treated quite nicely the entire evening.

At one point, the owner Ronan showed up, I greeted him and introduced him to my sister. We chatted for a few minutes and then we continued our dinner. You may recall that I mentioned earlier that Ronan had invited me for the grand opening, unfortunately I was unable to make it to this event. Ronan hooked us up this evening, me and my sister send lots of gratitude to Ronan. It wasn’t expected, it wasn’t asked for, but it is most certainly welcome and appreciated!

mashed nyctalkingI feel 100% confident in saying that when it comes to barbecue, Route 66 is now officially my favorite place to eat. Blue smoke held that crown for a very long time, but now it is time to pass the torch and it goes to Route 66 smokehouse. My friends, I would not steer you wrong, if you want barbecue you must try Route 66 smokehouse! I am specifically sending this review to my friend “The Regular Guy NYC”, because if there is anybody that loves barbecue, it’s the regular guy! I would love his feedback to compare it along with my own!

The atmosphere at the restaurant is very cool looking, brick walls, rock music the likes of Jimi Hendrix fill your ears while the smell of delicious barbecue fills your nose! Tall chairs, spacious, they do host events in case you’re interested, and nice lighting. The food didn’t feel very heavy or greasy which is a great thing considering that I am trying to lose weight and get myself in shape. There is no question that the next time I am in the mood for barbecue this is where I’m going to go. I guarantee you that my little sister feels the same way. We were both left in awe at how good food was.

Ronan owns several other restaurants in the area, including Beckett’s, if Route 66 is any indication of the kind of food that we will find in these other restaurants, including the new German place that Ronan is opening, then those of us in the Wall Street, Stone Street locations are very lucky! Do yourself a favor and give this place a try, believe me you won’t regret it. Once again a big thank you to Ronan Downs for treating us so nicely this evening, the restaurant was amazing and we will be back!

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6 years ago

RT : Editor’s Choice: Route 66 Smokehouse. http://t.co/gq4yij5UKh #review #bbq #urbanspoon #food #foodie #cyao #cookyourassoff #ny…

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6 years ago

RT : Editor’s Choice: Route 66 Smokehouse. http://t.co/yNzrun72Is

6 years ago

Editor’s Choice: Route 66 Smokehouse. http://t.co/yNzrun72Is

6 years ago

RT @PinedoPR: Editor’s Choice: Route 66 Smokehouse. By via @NYCTalking: http://t.co/t0pBi0sif7 #RestaurantReview #LunchTime #CYAO…

6 years ago

RT @PinedoPR: Editor’s Choice: Route 66 Smokehouse. By via @NYCTalking: http://t.co/t0pBi0sif7 #RestaurantReview #LunchTime #CYAO…

6 years ago

Editor’s Choice: Route 66 Smokehouse. By via @NYCTalking: http://t.co/t0pBi0sif7 #RestaurantReview #LunchTime #CYAO #NYCTalking

6 years ago

@TimeOutNewYork have you guys had a chance to try @66Smokehouse I saw your BBQ feature in the mag! Check it! http://t.co/yf0Ps2JK2m #NYC

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